Open 7 Days A Week
Monday-Sunday 11:30-3:00 [Lunch]
Monday-Sunday 5-9 [Dinner]
Brunch Sunday 11:30-3:00

Phone: (828) 645-8866

Our Story

For us, Glass Onion is more than the restaurant we’ve just opened on Main Street in Weaverville. It’s our dream come true. A place of our own.

Until now, we have been head chefs at two of the best-known and most highly rated dining places in the Hamptons. Robert’s in Water Mill and World Pie in Bridgehampton. Happy as we were to be doing our thing separately, not a day passed that we didn’t dream about someday going out on our own, together. Finally, we did it. The old-fashioned way. We scrimped and saved and schemed, Googling the whole country for the friendliest and most promising site. A beautiful, peaceful place to open our dream restaurant, and to live.
Weaverville won.

Earlier this year (2012), with everyone saying it was the worst time ever to dare try such an idea, we made our move. We quit our jobs, packed up our belongings, bid a fond farewell to New York, and headed south by southwest. To a place we’re betting is hungry for what we bring, namely: simple, delicious meals (lunch and dinner), made of fresh, top-quality ingredients, expertly prepared, promptly served and courteously priced

So far, we’re pleased to say, it seems the Glass Onion is what a lot of people hereabouts were looking for. After a soft opening in mid-May, we sold out both Friday and Saturday nights of Mother’s Day weekend, and Sunday Brunch as well. We’ve had a warm welcoming and great response, fingers crossed, thanks to the folks who, when they like something, keep coming back for more.

We leave our fate to your good taste. Like every restaurant, our success depends, literally, on good word of mouth. If there’s anything you aren’t totally happy with, tell us. Otherwise, go tell all your friends!