Artist in Residence

Stan Ruszala

Stanley Ruszala’s cityscapes capture the commotion and vibrancy of big American cities like Boston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and New York. 

His technique of bright colors and playful lines creates a unique perspective that captures the warm heartbeat and diverse character of a city, its people and architecture.  

Stan’s paintings can be found in showplace homes and places of business from coast to coast throughout the country. 

Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, Stan has called Asheville home since 2005.  He resides in Weaverville. 

To purchase a painting, please contact Stanley.  Information below. 

“The flying frog, Asheville” 30 x 40 $650
Glass Onion, Weaverville
“Glass Onion, Weaverville” 24 x 36 $550
Thirsty Monk, Asheville
“Thirsty monk, Asheville” 18 x 24 $350
5 Walnut, Asheville
5 walnut, Asheville 30 x 40 $550
Wicked Weed, Asheville
“Wicked weed, Asheville” 30 x 40 $650
Bourbon St.
“Bourbon St.” 30 x 40 $650
“The Southern, Asheville” 30 x 40 $550
“The Southern, Asheville” 30 x 40 $550
Liquor Cabinet
"Liquor cabinet" 30 x 40 $650
The Oyster House, Asheville
"The Oyster house, Asheville" 30 x 40 $550
"Martini" 24 x 36 $550

Artist Contact Information

Stan Ruszala